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Ireland’s Historical East has only 1 inhabited island, a certainly historical volcanic stump worn down by aeons of ice ages, tropical storms and the wild waves of many oceans and seas. Our Stone Age ancestors came there to fish its waters and farm its land – and identified and fashioned Lambay’s beautiful porphyry into ceremonial axes. Much later, Romanised British merchants obtained to know this “edge of the acknowledged world” while on buying and selling missions, possibly for Irish leather. Later on continue to, in 795AD, a Viking raid on Lambay’s small monastic settlement shattered the nerves and psyche of our peaceful “island of saints and scholars” – which had been spared the misery and chaos of then “Dark Ages” Europe!

Lambay has very long attracted curiosity from land, air and sea. From the very long north Dublin coastline, it’s been a common feature out there on the Eastern horizon air travellers have mentioned its small harbour and beach and ring of surf. The lively boating communities of north Dublin have sailed close to it and happily picnicked aboard vessel in its sheltered bays. And individuals on Dublin’s south aspect have remarked on it from Three Rock Mountain and the Hellfire Club, expressing the desire to go there. But up to a few or so decades ago, only archaeologists, botanists, geologists, ornithologists and other distinctive curiosity groups have walked its rocky eminences or heard birdsong in its sunny gardens and small woodland.

Now, thanks to the generosity of the Barings loved ones, limited quantities of site visitors are welcome to occur and wander the island, with Gerry Grimes of as guidebook beneath an special arrangement with the loved ones. And, as if to underline the novelty of a pay a visit to to Lambay, the exhortation of is “do something different”!

Walled gardens

On a sunny heat Mayday, Gerry led a team of us from the beautiful small harbour to the renovated old coastguard university, briefed us on the prepare for the day and took us up earlier the walled gardens and enclosures of the 16th century castle, via the performing farm and out on to the wild heath-land that tends to make up most of this small island. Along the way, he instructed us fascinating stories of the island, its history and its individuals, some tragic and some satisfied, confirmed us the healthy seabird colonies of the east coastline and the web-site of the unhappy reduction of the “Tayleur” in 1854. While wonderfully sunny, a haze turned mainland coasts into distant mystical outlines across a shining sea, accentuating the island “feel” of our pay a visit to.

Then he brought us down to the beautiful island chapel, pointed out the resting places of the island people, instructed us the stories of the beautiful 1933 “White House” and the “real tennis” court and served up a welcome cup of tea and biscuits in the old schoolhouse. Then it was back again across a sunny sea to the mainland and Malahide Marina, certainly “something different” performed in wonderful organization!

Stroll: Lambay, Co Dublin

Map: OS Sheet forty three or offered from

Hard work and suitability: sluggish guided wander of about 4kms and about 120mts of climbing, effortless

Commence/Finish: the island’s harbour

Circumstances: island is privately owned direction and steerage of representative of to be highly regarded at all situations.

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