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Problem: “President Obama, when he was in business, he put in $33,000 a working day for his fees. . . . Our president now, at this time, his normal is $3 million a working day.”

Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla.: “It can be costing him $60,000 a working day when he arrives down for additional treatment, but Palm Seaside mentioned they’re likely to put an additional tax for that. President Obama put in, what was it, $ninety seven million in his eight many years. . . . He went to Hawaii a good deal. He went to Africa rather a bit. He went around the world. . . . He went to Africa, and he took their little ones and mates and all that. Ninety-7-million bucks in eight many years, gentleman.”- Exchange all through a town corridor in Palatka, Fla., April 11, 2017

Problem: “I listened to you say earlier that you didn’t treatment what Donald Trump did on the weekend and, frankly, neither do I. Other than, he desires me to fork out for it. . . . Does this issue you at all?”

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.: “I was not essential of the previous president or the president in advance of that, for what they do in their off time. . . . I am not likely to explain to the president where by he can or cannot commit his weekends.”- Exchange all through a town corridor in Mesa, Ariz., April 13, 2017

“I do would like that he would commit a lot more time in Washington, D.C. Which is what we have the White Dwelling for.”- Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, solution at town corridor in Wall Lake, Iowa, April eighteen, 2017

President Donald Trump’s travels to his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida are a regular matter at town halls hosted by users of Congress all through the April recess. We have been asking viewers to send us reality-checkable statements from their town halls, and some viewers flagged statements about the cost of Trump’s excursions.

Flake and Ernst shared their opinions in response to constituents’ inquiries. But Yoho’s response concerned statements that advantage a reality verify. Did Obama go to Africa “rather a bit” with his spouse and children and mates? How does the $ninety seven million figure for Obama’s travels examine with the $60,000-a-working day figure for Trump’s travels to Mar-a-Lago?

Presidential journey expenses are not commonly produced community, so at the instant we just have snapshots of the full price tag tag. As you can think about, presidential excursions have to have elaborate setting up and safety steps, and the principal expenses include transportation and Top secret Assistance detail.

There were a good deal of figures in the exchange amongst the constituent and Yoho, so we’ll explain each of them.

Obama’s $ninety seven million around eight many years: This is an estimate by the conservative group Judicial Enjoy, which tallied Top secret Assistance and Air Power expenses incurred all through the previous 1st family’s own travels. Judicial Enjoy President Tom Fitton mentioned the group tracked excursions that were “political, leisurely or if not pointless,” like vacations to Martha’s Vineyard and travels all through the 2016 marketing campaign as Hillary Clinton’s surrogates.

Obama’s $33,000 for each working day: This is $ninety seven million, divided by eight many years, divided by 365 days.

Trump’s $3 million for each working day: The constituent seems to be referring to a selection floating on the Online for Trump’s cost for each vacation to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Seaside. The figure, $3.6 million to be exact, arrives from an October 2016 Authorities Accountability Workplace (GAO) report about Obama’s February 2013 golf weekend to Palm Seaside.

But as the Involved Press uncovered, the excursions are not specifically comparable. Obama’s February 2013 vacation incorporated a prevent in Chicago, where by he gave a speech in advance of likely to Florida for his golf weekend. That prevent included expenses to the full estimate.

Judicial Enjoy estimates Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits at closer to $one million, when calculated just with the approximated expenses for Air Power A person and Top secret Assistance. But there is no documented figure.

Trump’s $60,000 for each working day: Yoho is describing how considerably it expenses Palm Seaside County each and every working day to fork out for community law enforcement to perform time beyond regulation when Trump visits Mar-a-Lago. As Yoho states, the county desires to levy a distinctive tax on the vacation resort to fork out for the time beyond regulation safety expenses.

That is only a person piece of the full price tag of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits, and it excludes Top secret Assistance or Air Power expenses. Additionally, some of Trump’s excursions to Mar-a-Lago are “operating” excursions, where by he conducts some official company, these types of as hosting overseas dignitaries at his golf club. That indicates they’re not specifically comparable to the purely leisurely excursions tallied beneath Obama’s $ninety seven million.

Fitton mentioned some Mar-a-Lago excursions can be justified and would not essentially suggest a misuse or abuse of presidential journey.

“His [Obama’s] vacations to Hawaii cost tens of millions of bucks,” Fitton mentioned. “The political difficulty with President Trump, and the accountability difficulty, is soon after a period of time of time, the cost will be tough for him to be ready to protect. It will not aid that we you should not know what the [full] expenses are simply because the Protection Section and Section of Homeland Security [which oversees the Top secret Assistance] haven’t gotten their act with each other to flip them around to us.”

The Washington Publish claimed that the unusually lavish life style of Trump and his spouse and children is pushing the level of his journey expenses past his predecessors’, and “could balloon into the hundreds of tens of millions of bucks around the class of a four-12 months expression.”

Did Obama go to Africa “rather a bit” with his mates and spouse and children? Not genuinely.

Obama took a few excursions to 7 African international locations. Which is 7 out of 58 international locations he frequented as president by means of both of those terms. President Bill Clinton frequented 10 African international locations, and George W. Bush frequented 11. Bush frequented after with his spouse and two daughters, and one more time just with his spouse.

Obama took his spouse and daughters on his 2013 vacation to a few African international locations, at an approximated price tag tag of tens of tens of millions of bucks – probably the most pricey of his tenure. The federal governing administration furnished all the sources, simply because the solutions in creating areas did not meet White Dwelling standards, The Publish claimed. That produced the vacation significantly expensive. Clinton and Bush produced likewise resource-intense excursions.

Yoho’s employees did not deliver a response or remark, but we will update this reality verify if we get a person.

There was a good deal of interest at new town halls about Trump’s travels to Mar-a-Lago, and how considerably they are costing taxpayers. Yoho, responding to a constituent with some inaccurate information, did not make an apples-to-apples comparison of Trump’s and Obama’s travels in the town corridor. Yoho noted the every day cost of $60,000 for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago excursions, vs. Obama’s $ninety seven million in journey expenses around eight many years. But the $60,000 signifies a fraction of the expenses for each vacation it truly is just the cost to the Palm Seaside County governing administration.

Some of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago excursions include official perform, whereas the Obama spouse and children excursions counted in the $ninety seven million figure are types that a conservative group considered “political, leisurely or if not pointless” to taxpayers. So the two figures are not specifically comparable.

And although Obama’s excursions to Africa were expensive (as were the Africa excursions of Bush and Clinton), he didn’t go “rather a bit” when you appear at his Africa excursions in comparison with the rest of his travels as president. We award Two Pinocchios to Yoho.

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