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Bring it on dwelling: California | Vacation |

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Who and where • Fran and Rick Armstrong of St. Louis in entrance of Boiling Springs Lake in Lassen National Park in northern California.

The vacation • They flew to California for their daughter’s marriage final June at Mendocino Woodlands Camp amid the redwoods. But they also loved tenting in condition and countrywide parks in California.

Vacation tip • The Cinder Cone at Lassen is wonderful. If you can, climb up to the top rated and about and then down into the bottom and again up to the top rated and outside the house the cone. It is an wonderful practical experience, but it is a challenging hike!

Lead • Electronic mail your image to Include the full names of absolutely everyone in the image, like where they are from and where you are standing in the image. Also include things like your tackle and cellphone quantity. Please also explain to us a minimal about the vacation and a travel tip. We’re hunting for exciting, properly-composed, properly-lighted photographs.

from the St. Louis Publish-Dispatch

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