At this a hundred-mile-prolonged lawn sale, countless numbers offer their junk (and in some cases snarl visitors) – Information & Observer (site)


The broad collection of junk stretched a hundred miles from Dunn to the Virginia border, a nearly unbroken chain of folding tables, tarps and blankets offering secondhand treasures pulled from dusty sheds and cobwebbed barns.

The 301 Infinite Property Sale drew so numerous men and women in ninety-degree heat Friday that a left switch in normally deserted 4 Oaks could consider upward of 5 minutes. Individuals parked in drainage ditches. They dodged visitors, carrying aged wagon wheels purchased for a greenback. They scrambled across people’s front yards, sizing up grandfather clocks and broken shotguns.

In Johnston County, a determined shopper might pull off the freeway each individual tenth of a mile and come across a new vendor advertising commemorative Pepsi bottles with Richard Petty’s encounter printed on the aspect. Cars averaged 20 mph alongside the roadway, distracted by a plywood sign looking at “Red-Nose Pits for Sale.” Even more eye-catching: a slab of cardboard, propped on an aged Ford truck, asserting in black spray-paint, “Home Interiors Inside.”

Outdoors Benson, Mark McGinty set the difficult offer on some consumers eying a pair of aged Nikes.

“Those are some scorching ball shoes,” he reported. “I know you participate in ball …”

No takers? He proposed the partially inflated basketballs.

“They’re flat,” he reported, “because they’ve been in the barn all calendar year.”


Hubcap art tempted purchasers Friday at the 301 Infinite Property Sale, a secondhand sale stretching a hundred miles from Dunn to the Virginia border alongside U.S. 301.

Josh Shaffer

U.S. 301 has prolonged available a kitschy, choice travel route alongside the East Coast: a 1950s postcard that includes rusted Studebakers with weeds developed up to the dashboard, low-slung brick motels with plastic garden chairs perched out front and diners promotion today’s meatloaf distinctive.

The corridor from Dunn to Weldon presently draws garage sale professionals, but normally, harvesting gems from the junk calls for some navigating. At this fifth-annual function, lasting by means of Sunday, the route rolls out like a Moroccan bazaar.

“This is in all places,” reported Linda Benson, sixty one. “I accumulate Jim Shore, and they make a large amount of diverse-coloured angels, and I stopped at (U.S.) 701 and it was a $fifty Jim Shore angel. I obtained it for a person greenback.”

Having a weakness for corny trinkets, I deemed the vintage King Kong poster, the lawn decorations made from hubcaps, the refrigerator magnets made from beer bottle caps and the welcome mat that reported “Come Back With a Warrant.”

But in the finish I just appreciated the push, halting at the 4 Oaks Restaurant for a plate of catfish and butter beans, looking at the caravan of deal-seekers wind to the horizon.

The 301 Infinite Property Sale stretches from Dunn to Weldon alongside U.S. 301, with suppliers in parking loads and yards alongside the freeway.

Distributors ordinarily operate in between seven a.m. and 6 p.m.

The lawn sale at first ran in between Benson and Kenly, in which income visitors is weighty. Be expecting to shift more slowly than normal.

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